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State-of-the-art speech intelligibility prediction

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If you are providing any kind of voice based information access/feedback system and you need to know whether a recording is intelligible, we provide an appropriate API. This is not strictly a clean vs noisy recording, as a noisy recording can still be intelligible. Our solutions are in-house developed and draws upon the latest in automatic speech recognition research.

Our APIs are real-time, speaker/gender independent and optimized for English. Recordings of upto 10s length are supported.


Register here to get the authentication token

Fire up a terminal and enter the command

curl -F code=your_authentication_token -F audio=@input.wav https://www.flarespeech.com/int.php

Returns the intelligibility score of the recording input.wav

About US

This is Flarespeech in its second version. The first version offered a slew of services with the primary offering being a speech recognition and pronunciation assessment based Listening Skills Practice (LiSP) test aimed at English language assessment test aspirants. It also offered a near-perfect confirmation words recognizer API as well as a digit recognizer API. Flarespeech in the current avatar offer a state-of-the-art speech intelligibility prediction API.

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